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Every day your life is affected by the design of your home. The smallest detail matters ... the direction of a door swing, the location of a window, or the size of your kitchen sink. Well-thought-out design makes your life effortless ... without your even noticing. Let me help define your needs and wants and identify the right possibilities to create a design that fits you and your life.
Let me help you by creating the 3D image or walk-through needed to see your design more clearly. As a design professional, you may not have the time or the software to generate a 3D model. I can produce just the right image or virtual tour you need for your client, advertisement or product literature.
As an architect, design-build firm, or custom millwork shop in need of concepts, construction documents, or shop drawings let me assist you in meeting your clients' needs with my technical drafting expertise.
Let my 30+ years of design experience provide you with the confidence that everything is just right or show you the things that need just a bit more attention. Design review helps avoid the cost overruns that come up during construction due to last minute changes.
Alfred-John McNeal
3D Modeling
See your design more clearly from every angle
Construction Documents & Shop drawings
Design Review
Get a second look so nothing is overlooked
Kitchens, Renovations,
Additions & New Homes
Residential Design
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Having been in the design and construction industry for over 30 years I have developed an in-depth working knowledge of a multitude of building practices and design principles. My experience ranges from designing for individual clients, concept/spec development, collaborating with architects and engineers, and working with contractors. Beyond conventional design I have also worked on custom timber frame and steel structures, and navigated the strict requirements of shoreline construction.

This comprehensive understanding and diversified experience, combined with extensive design skills, gives me the ability to be a resource partner for you in a challenging and fast paced industry.
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