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We will work together to design a home that fits you and your lifestyle. I want to understand your needs and wants so I can help you get the most of each within your budget.

Not all changes need to be large or expensive to make an impact. Moving a door or a window can sometimes be all it takes to improve the usability of a room, but it takes experience to discover those possibilities and knowledge to present the right solution. I can also help you visualize the design using 3D technology to show you what's possible from every angle.
When making changes to any part of your home, having confidence in those decisions is crucial. Getting a second look with fresh eyes can provide added security before you begin. Whether you've already completed design plans or you're just starting, let me help you clear the clutter and focus on the details that really matter.

Before constructions starts, I can help you with all the choices that need to be made so you are ready for your contractor. Having all your choices made ahead not only saves on potential time delays, but relieves the unnecessary stress of having to make last minute decisions during construction and risking costly mistakes.
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Get a second look so nothing is overlooked
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As daunting as home renovation can be, with my guidance and expertise the pieces can come together to be a rewarding experience.

From the initial design or the review of your design, let's assemble your wish list together. A wish list might be more than what you think. Not only is it a list of what you want to have in your home, but it's also a list of why you need them. It's your likes and dislikes, must-haves and good-to-haves. Consider all your daily challenges ... those things that if changed would make living easier.
Once we build confidence in your design, I can help guide you through all the decisions needed to be made for your project ... appliances, sinks and faucets, countertops and backsplash, trim and flooring. Do not underestimate the number of choices needed to be made, a bathroom remodel can require almost as many individual selections as a kitchen. The more information compiled ahead, the less likely you will run into cost overages and time delays.

Let me help you organize your selections so your project will be accomplished with confidence.
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