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3D images demonstrate information more clearly and when combined with 2D details show accurately what needs to be done. Clients, Contractors and Inspectors see it and understand it, which then saves everyone time. More than that, the design is built correctly avoiding costly errors and delays.

Not all projects need to be completely modeled in 3D ... sometimes just a part, such as a complex detail or a view your client cannot visualize. I will produce those partial models, 3D construction details and visual aids needed for you or your client. I can be that extra person and software you need to get the job done.
With 30 years' experience, I have a solid foundation starting with early board work, hand drafting and evolving to CAD, utilizing many software products over time. For over twenty years now I've used the sophisticated BIM software, ArchiCAD to design and finalize construction documents. My knowledge allows me to collaborate and provide support to other design professionals or contractors. I can efficiently produce construction documents for a full range of residential project needs, as well as, engineering details and even detailed shop drawings for kitchens, libraries, wine cellars and fireplace surrounds as needed by custom cabinetry/millwork shops.
3D Modeling
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Construction Documents & Shop drawings
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As design professionals, we know 3D modeling is an invaluable tool, representing your design more effectively and efficiently saving you time and money. 3D documentation relays information quicker and more clearly than 2D drawings alone.

Well-developed details which combine traditional 2D diagrams with 3D images create construction documents that allow contractors and building officials to see exactly what's proposed, providing a more accurately built project.

Contact me today to show your design from every angle, and let me help you complete your 3D modeling & drafting needs.
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